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The ability to communicate at all times using wireless devices has become an expectation of wireless subscribers, increasingly service is sought-after in public venues such as airports, shopping malls, hotels and conference & exhibition centers.

African Towers is a “neutral host” infrastructure service provider, we provide in-building wireless coverage solutions that are designed to accommodate multiple wireless carriers and technologies on a single In Building System (IBS) that is owned and operated by African Towers. African Towers is the pioneer and leader in the delivery and management of shared IBS in Ghana. Whether you are the owner of a large public venue or a wireless operator looking to provide your customers with a superior in-building wireless experience, look to African Towers to provide your solution.

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 A Distributed Antenna System (DAS) is made up of multiple antennas that are strategically placed throughout a building and connected via coaxial cabling to a central equipment room ...

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Neutral Host Provider

A “Neutral Host Provider” is an independent 3rd party provider of a shared DAS infrastructure to multiple wireless providers. The neutral host manages the wireless providers...

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