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Our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) are shared infrastructure for extending wireless network coverage to hard to reach areas or buildings. African Towers’ designed, installed and managed DAS solutions are an important complement to any wireless operators infrastructure and service delivery strategy.
African Towers designs, installs and operates cost-effective DAS networks to improve signal strength and network capacity and coverage. We specialize in indoor DAS solutions and have expertise deploying our solutions across a variety of markets which include:

•    Airports
•    Hotels and Convention Centers
•    Office Complexes
•    High-end Residential Buildings

The advantages to an operator participating in our shared DAS include:

•    Reduced cost of service delivery (CAPEX & OPEX)
•    Simple coverage roll out - plug and play
•    Reduced operational risk
•    A unique subscriber experience & satisfaction
•    Increased usage of services from subscribers

Do you have a corporate customer for whom you require improved coverage (corporate offices or campus)? With dozens of single operator DAS deployments under our belt, we at African Towers have the experience and a portfolio of services that are tailored to meet your needs.


The variety and densities of structural materials used in the construction of larger buildings makes it difficult for RF signal from cell sites to penetrate the walls of large buildings, complex building architectures complicate the task of RF penetration even further.

Simply increasing the number of outdoor cell sites is an inefficient and often insufficient means of providing seamless wireless coverage within building structures. To ensure consistent and high quality coverage throughout buildings, alternative solutions must be explored.