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African Towers is a leader in providing shared IBS solutions in large venues. We have a depth of experience and success in marketing our solutions, in soliciting and securing wireless operator participation on our IBS’s. Ultimately our solutions provide cost savings and simplify the management & maintenance versus the deployment of an individual operator IBS within your venue. Our designers take into consideration each building owners need to preserve the aesthetics and beauty of their property.

With a team of specialist, in-house trained IBS installers we guarantee minimum disruption to your ongoing operations during the solution implementation phase of the DAS.

The advantages for the building owners to install a shared DAS include:
•    Better wireless service for your tenants and guests, the users inside the building
•    High quality coverage inside the building
•    Increased attractiveness of the property to subscribers
•    Less installation work and less inconvenience during implementation of solution
•    Only one interface during the installation and operations phase


The variety and densities of structural materials used in the construction of larger buildings makes it difficult for RF signal from cell sites to penetrate the walls of large buildings, complex building architectures complicate the task of RF penetration even further.

Simply increasing the number of outdoor cell sites is an inefficient and often insufficient means of providing seamless wireless coverage within building structures. To ensure consistent and high quality coverage throughout buildings, alternative solutions must be explored.