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Press Release

African Towers completes deployment of an In-building solution (IBS) at Vodafone's new Spintex road offices in Accra



Vodafone chose African Towers to design and deploy a Distributed Antenna system (DAS)  to enhance Vodafone's mobile network signal coverage and quality within the new offices block.

DAS is a technology solution used to overcome the coverage and capacity problems inherent in the unique features of large and architecturally complex buildings. African Towers has deployed several DAS across different industry verticals including, hotels, malls and markets, office blocks, apartment blocks and Airports.


African Towers is the leading independent IBS provider in the West African region, operating offices in Ghana and Nigeria. African Towers has delivered over 50 multi and single operator IBS.



The distributed architecture of the DAS allows operators signals to be transmitted throughout a building, this ensures that your customers get wireless coverage inside buildings that traditionally have poor wireless coverage.