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African Towers is the leader in the provision of in-building engineering services to the wireless market in Ghana. We design, install, own and operate unique solutions that enable wireless operators to deliver seamless wireless coverage in hard to reach places, even in the most challenging building structures.

We are led by a team of professionals, indigenous at the core, with over 40 years of experience delivering telecommunication services on the international front, and specifically in emerging markets. This wealth of experience is the influence that drives the African Towers team to excel in creative service delivery, using not only international best practices, but also a flexible approach to solving business challenges.  

Business ethics, health & safety and environmental sustainability, are at the core of our values. We have developed a working environment within which each and every member of our organization understands the part they have to play, have the skills and authority to achieve our goals.

At African Towers: “Excellent Service is Synonymous with Business Success”



The distributed architecture of the DAS allows operators signals to be transmitted throughout a building, this ensures that your customers get wireless coverage inside buildings that traditionally have poor wireless coverage.